Date Night

Get Your Birthday Celebration at Our Escape Room

Escape rooms are not the first thing people think of when planning a date night but maybe they should be! While all your friends cram into a crowded restaurant or sit next to each other not talking for two hours at the movies because they feel obligated to, you can be out doing something way more interesting- an escape room!The first escape room adventure began in 2007 in Kyoto. Since then, this hot trend has spread across Asia into Australia, Europe, and the U.S.

Escape rooms are exactly the kind of innovative, exciting activity that makes for a great date. And, since this trend is still fairly new to the Western world, you’ll be on the cutting edge of excitement when you take someone on an escape room date.

Whether it’s a long-term partner or your first time meeting someone from a dating site, an escape room is a great way to go. Just what makes this such a perfect date idea? Read on to find out! Or Call 972 325-2025 and one of our Gamemasters will help walk you through setting up the perfect date night.

Event Space For Rent

Party room access for 30 minutes before or after gameplay is only $25.

Why An Escape Room for Date Night?

1. It’s Unique!
This weekend, like many other weekends, couples around the world will plan a date night. The most common date night consists of dinner and/or a movie. This time, mix things up a bit and take a more adventurous route. Spend the evening immersed in a situation that requires you to think fast, communicate, and laugh your way through the night- you may even learn something new about your partner! First date? Perfect, say goodbye to those awkward silences at dinner, an escape room is the perfect ice-breaker. While your friends spend an hour waiting for a table at an overcrowded restaurant you will be spending that time taking down the Mafia in a casino adventure or saving the world from World War III!

2. It’s better to spend money on experiences not material things… science says so!
Studies have shown that we get more happiness from experiences than we do from things. Purchasing things does make us happy- but only for a short time. Our experiences make up much more of who we are than the things we own and we also bond with others more if we experience things together like an escape room than we do if we both have that thing in a drawer somewhere. Experiences give us great memories, a way to bond with those we choose to spend our time with, and will give you a story to tell.

3. Escape rooms are exciting!
The thrill of the hunt, the confidence boost from solving a problem, the adrenaline rush of beating the clock by mere seconds, laughing at yourself and each other, all aspects of a date at an escape room. There will not be a dull moment on this night out!

4. Leads to great conversation
Ever have that awkwardly quiet ride home after dinner because there’s nothing left to talk about? Making an escape room date will guarantee you have plenty to talk about for days to come. If you need a conversation boost or conversation starter going to an escape room with your significant other is the perfect solution!

5. Sharpens those communication skills
Communicating is key when working your way through an escape room. Really, it’s sort of forced on the participants to communicate with one another but in neutral territory so no one feels pressure from the other players. This makes for a great ice-breaker for first dates or new couples and a good communication tune-up for couples who have been together for a long time.

Escape to the best Date Night in Dallas Texas!