Corporate Team Building

The Team That Escapes Together...

Corporate Team Building

Instead of one large group where people may not feel comfortable taking a leadership role, we split you up into smaller groups. This is great for getting to know co-workers better, and allowing everyone to play a significant role in the experience. These smaller groups will be assigned a room to escape, and will work together to solve problems, discover clues, and crack codes in order to progress through the room as a unit. Teamwork and communication are critical to meeting goals, just as they are in the workplace.


The main goals of team-building is to improve productivity and motivation. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. The benefits of team-building programs are so significant that many corporations have incorporated team building strategies into their standard training curriculum. Countdown 2 Escape is your perfect team-building activity!

Escape Rooms:
– Improve morale and leadership skills
– Emphasizes creativity and thinking ‘Outside-the-Box’
– Identify team strengths and weaknesses
– Improve the ability to problem solve

Team Building Has No Right Being This Fun!
Our experiences are specifically designed to analyze team trends, determine individual strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, ensure buy-in and full involvement from every member of your team!
We work hard to ensure that your team building experience is the best Texas. We strive to make it not only productive and beneficial to your team, but also memorable and fun.
Watch your team work together in exciting new ways. as they take on challenges designed specifically to reinforce communication, and time management, as well as reward creative problem solving and critical thinking.

How It Works
Every corporate group that books an event with us, will have private access to our entire facility. This includes a private bathroom, lobby space, and both of our immersive, precisely designed escape rooms.

Our facility can accommodate 30 guests an hour, with each room holding a maximum of 10 guests. However, no group is too large!

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Corporate Event Space

We have enough event space to handle 40 people at a time for your corporate, family reunion or birthday event. Our front lobby is set up with multiple tables, internet access and cable tv. Our back staging area has a mini fridge, micro wave and 8 person table. We work with a variety of catering companies to help provide meals before or after your escape room adventure here around Dallas Texas.


Build Your Corporate Bond Through Our Escape Room Experience