Will I actually be locked in the room?
The door you enter will always remain unlocked for safety reasons. You are free to leave and return to the room if necessary.

Is the room scary?
In general, our rooms are not designed to be scary. 

Is the room kid-friendly?
Countdown 2 Escape was not designed for children younger than 12. Children under 12 are not allowed unless your group has purchased all tickets available for the room (8 to 10 depending on the room size). It can still be fun for kids as long as there is adult supervision.

Is the subject matter appropriate for kids?
If Countdown 2 Escape was a movie, we think it would get a PG rating. If you have a specific concern, please write to us directly, and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

Will there be other people be in the room?
No. There will not be anyone else in the room.  Once you book an event, it is a private event for you and your group.

How many people can the room hold? Can we bring an extra person?
Each escape room holds a different amount of guests. The guest count is based on the physical size of the room and the amount of puzzles. We do not recommend going over the maximum number of guests, but if you’re all in the same group, we will allow one extra guest. That person will need to pay upon arrival with a credit card.

What is the minimum number of people you recommend?
Two people have successfully solved each of our rooms in under an hour, but we recommend between 3 and 4 guests at a minimum. If you are only booking two tickets, you might want to join another group or bring some friends. Within most rooms, it’s physically impossible to complete the room with one person. Please try to join another group who has already booked.

Can I eat or drink in the rooms?
Unfortunately, we do not allow food or drinks into the rooms because the artifacts could get damaged. Water bottles are allowed.

Is the room handicapped-accessible?
Yes, but it depends on the handicap and your group may require an extra docent or other participants to help. Please write to us at info@countdown2escape.com to discuss your specific situation before booking so we can make proper accommodations.

What if I don’t escape after an hour?
If you do not escape after one hour, your host will enter the room and show you the clues you missed. Only around 30% of groups escape on time, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t escape.

Is photography allowed?
Photography is allowed and encouraged in the waiting room, but not in the escape rooms in order to protect the integrity of the puzzles.

What if I run late?
Our Escape Rooms runs on a tight schedule which requires that participants arrive on time. The time on your ticket is when you should be walking in our front door. If you are more than 15 minutes late you may forfeit your ticket and not be allowed into the room.

Can I get a refund?
All ticket sales are final, and we generally do not give refunds for any reason. You are welcome to sell or give your ticket away to someone else.

Can I revisit the same room?
You’re welcome to replay a room as long as you book all of the tickets available for that room. It would not be fun for other guests to play alongside if you already know many of the solutions.

Are you able to host a large group or private event?
Absolutely! Contact us at info@countdown2escape.com so that we can customize your group experience.

Are gift cards available for purchase?
Gift cards can be purchased.