Frequently Asked Questions


1Are other people going to be inside the room with me?
Depending on how many spots you book, it's a possibility. Unless you book the entire room of 8 or 10 participants (depending on the room), the other tickets will remain open for others to book and it's definitely likely people will be inside the room with you.
2What is an Escape Room?
Escape Rooms are a multi-person experience, unlike anything you have done before. With either friends or strangers, your team is tasked with solving an elaborate series of puzzles in an attempt to beat the clock and WIN!!!.
3Okay, so I'm locked in. Is the door actually locked?
NO! Texas law doesn't allow us to ACTUALLY lock you in the room. However, during the game, you're expected to stay without leaving. But you may leave for emergencies or use the bathroom if necessary.Also, we have some of the largest escape rooms in the area. So there is plenty of space for your team to move around and work to solve the puzzles. Claustrophobia has never been an issue.
4When should I arrive?
You should plan on arriving between 15 minutes before your appointment. There are certain rules and instructions we need to go over beforehand to guarantee you have the best experience possible.
5I'm not very strong/smart. Will I lose?
All of the puzzles within the rooms require no prior knowledge, so your GPA won't affect your game on a strictly knowledge based level. However, a lot of the puzzles can get pretty complex, and will definitely be challenging for most people. On a physical level, none of the activities within the room involve any force or strength.Though our rooms were designed for adults, we have had many children come and enjoy our escape rooms as well. Please call or email for more information regarding age requirements.
6"Unless I book the entire room". So I can have the room for just myself?
Yes! If you want to enjoy our experience with just your friends that's perfectly fine. If it's during our regularly scheduled Open Booking, you must reserve all the spots for the room to ensure a private experience. Once all of the spots are booked nobody else can join.For private and corporate bookings, we only offer private bookings to offer your group more flexibility. Please call for details.
7Is this going to scare me?
No. None of our escape rooms are scary. Don't worry :)Our rooms are extremely family and corporate friendly. We have been vetted by multiple organizations and corporations to make sure that there is nothing scary or offensive (so no zombies, blood, or gore).
8What if I do not have all the names of my participants?
No problem, just put an "X" as the name.
9What if I need to substitute players for any reason?
That is perfectly fine. You may change your players at any time before your experience begins. You do not need to give us the new names, we can take them when you arrive.
10Can I book during the day on a weekday?
Yes. These spots are by appointment/reservation only and you must arrange this with our corporate booking specialist. Please give us a call and we will be happy to help you with that. Contact us at 833-2-ESCAPE.