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Countdown 2 Escape | Frisco Texas Escape Rooms



Looking for something a little different for your next date night or night out with your friends or family? Or maybe set up one of the most memorable birthday parties ever!!! Join others or bring friends. Our rooms hold up to 8 or 10.


Teamwork and cooperation are must have traits for any business professionals, and a necessity for escaping together. Make your next FUN team-building experience one you won't forget.We have hosted all types of Corporations and Organizations for their team-building experiences.See the list below of just some of our many corporate and organization clients. And most of these groups come back over and over again!!!* Pepsi / Frito-Lay * T-Mobile * Ericsson * Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, and Prosper ISD (Teachers, Principals, Sports Teams, Bands, etc...) * Guardian Life Insurance Company * Progressive Insurance * Capital One * Frisco Family Services * Frisco Chamber of Commerce * City of Frisco * Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts


Escape Rooms are perfect for celebrating, whether it's a birthday, retirement, shower, or any other special occasion. Your guests will have a blast as they work together towards one goal: freedom.



30% Success Rate

One day on a weekend trip through East Texas, you come across a small town, one that you overheard a conversation at a gas pump about. Here, there resides a cabin that has been abandoned for many years. The part that really sparks your interest, however, is that there is rumored to be a large stash of money inside from Sam Bass, an old train robber who use to live in the area. After looking it up, you found that his biggest grab was about $60,000 in one robbery alone, but it is said some of it was never found. So you decide you want to take your best and brightest group of friends and go find the money. Can you find the money hidden inside the cabin?

40% Success Rate

After a miscommunication between Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev in 1972, you and your special forces team have been called to action to disable a nuclear launch initiated by a rogue agent at a small military facility in Nebraska. The place has been cleared out of all military, scientists and researchers so you and your team can work effectively. Can your team disarm the nuclear missile aimed straight for Russia before they catch word of it's launch? We're counting on you!

The Mafia's Casino
20% Success Rate

You are part of a special investigation unit in the state police and there has been a rumor going around the office that there is a mole in the department. Recently, you have received evidence that confirms this. This mole reports to the mafia boss, Frank Costello, which is why he has always been able to slip through your fingers. Frank owns the largest casinos in town, and you hear from your informant that he keeps information on his crew in a safe located inside this casino. You also have intel letting you know that Frank will be taking his whole crew and leaving for a job, which gives you a one hour time frame to find what you need. Your mission is to find the profiles on Costello's crew and the identity of the mole before he comes back.